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Barbie has always filled the role that we now know as an Instagram influencer. Last week, Mattel announced a new iteration, “Self-Care Barbie.”

“I have learned it is not all about the game," says former SEMO Redhawk Zach Hall. "The game is a blessing itself. There is so much more I can do outside of football that can affect others and the community,”

I knew my days with Windows 7 were numbered. Microsoft had announced that the end of extended support would be January 14, 2020. And  finally, we have arrived.

(RNS) — In the age of fan fiction, the age of memes, the age of mashups and YouTube compilations, we no longer take for granted that there is a single, fixed narrative — one that belongs to the author, by virtue of him or her having invented it.

The Arkansas Baptist News (ABN) recently dissolved its autonomous board of directors and became a convention-run publication, according to an Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) press release Feb. 4.

MIAMI (BP) -- Stefen Wisniewski of the Kansas City Chiefs thought he had everything figured out during his teenage years in Pennsylvania. "I thought I was successful, doing well in sports and academics and all that. And God really humbled me."

(RNS) — There’s not much love lost -- or respect -- between Christian marriage and sex blogger Sheila Wray Gregoire and pastor turned marriage expert Emerson Eggerichs over the message in his bestselling book, "Love & Respect."

(RNS) — Justice Clarence Thomas, the member of the Supreme Court known for his reticence, speaks for much of a new two-hour documentary about his life.

MIAMI (BP) -- The impact of Jordan Matthews on the San Francisco 49ers isn't something that can be measured by his football performance. The wide receiver has spent most of the season on the inactive list, playing in only three games and catching four passes.

(RNS) — “A Prayer in Space” has all the ingredients of a faith-based blockbuster: an astronaut who finds God after she’s pushed to her limits -- and space monsters. The fictional Christian film plays a central role in “Faith Based,” a new satirical film about the Christian film industry.