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On Sunday, Alex Merritt was signed in to the Zoom video conferencing app, discussing a biblical passage with members of his Sunday school young adults group at St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. Then the trolls attacked.

Last week, lying in bed, music arranger and producer David Wise had an idea. Like seemingly everyone else in the world, he was troubled by the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and wondered how he might help. Today, that moment of inspiration has encouraged more than a million people.

It is a human failure that we tend to tie our beliefs and faith to physical monuments, traditions, ceremonies, and organizational structures. John's approach from the beginning is to present Jesus as God incarnate, the “word made flesh” (John 1:14).

Studies have shown that people are willing to self-administer electric shocks when bored. Here are some solutions we can find at home that provide lasting meaning and challenge to prevent boredom and keep it away.

When you sit at the feet of Jesus you discover that God loves you and that he wants to bless you. The gift of eternal life cannot be earned even if you work as hard as Martha.

The last time the Spring equinox landed this early in the United States came in 1896. Just a few months later — on July 9, 1896 — the very first issue of Word&Way rolled off the printer.

Each day seems to bring new changes and closures related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We've compiled communication and ministry resources along with links and welcome your crowdsourcing suggestions as well.

A new website guiding churches and ministry leaders as they respond to the coronavirus pandemic was launched Thursday (March 12) in a partnership between two Wheaton College institutions and Saddleback Church in California, led by pastor Rick Warren.

If there’s a silver lining to a global pandemic, perhaps it’s having a bit more time on our hands to read. If you don’t know where to start, here are six classic and contemporary works that offer a helpful perspective on the state we find ourselves in — and are terrific reads.

One way we make churches more attractive to guests – literally -- is through curbside appeal: painting, landscaping, signage, and needed repairs. The same is true online with “webside appeal,” taking steps to make sure our online presence is enticing as well.