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(RNS) — On the occasion of the republication of his popular book "The Life You Can Save" Peter Singer was interviewed on the topic that put him on the map: our moral duties and obligations in light of profound global poverty.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (RNS) — Melissa Rogers knows the laws governing the relationship between the U.S. government and religion are far from perfect. Her new book, “Faith in American Public Life,” defines that relationship as one with “meaningful independence,” but the ability to cooperate to do good.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Amazon said Monday it has removed "Christmas ornaments" and other merchandise bearing the images of Auschwitz that had been available on its online site.

We clearly hear that God's answer to our spiritual blindness and self-centered perspective appears in our world as the child of an obscure descendant of King David. He is celebrated by an older cousin who also bears a son, who will announce the arrival of God's promised Savior.

Sunday night services meant our church’s youth choir sat in the choir loft to sing and stay visible throughout the rest of the service. Once, a friend’s father complained to my parents afterwards over my behavior. And this time at least, it was completely innocent.

Mary has been described as the mother of God, a co-redemptress, sinless, and the womb of God's grace. None of those exalted titles captures the humility, tensions, fears, and incredible spiritual strength of this woman.

(RNS) — At “91 and a half,” Joanne Rogers remains a devoted advocate for the legacy of her late husband. Fred Rogers’ widow shared churchgoing traditions and a love for music with her husband, depicted in the new movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

Heaven is not that place where we get the big house and the wealth of Solomon. Heaven is that place where we will live in the healing, nurture, and undimmed beauty of God's love.

A congregation seeking justice for the tortured and the torturers have had their prayer answered by an unlikely source: Hollywood, writes Seth Kaper-Dale.

We who describe ourselves as “God's sheep” should remember there is some “goat” in us all. Our calling is not to become superior to others but to be loving, like our Savior. That involves a lifetime of learning and growing.