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2005 reports: Windermere Baptist Conference Center: More than 35,000 guests

Windermere has enjoyed another year filled with blessings and Christ-centered activities in 2005.

More than 35,000 total guests from 422 groups enjoyed their time on the campus with all the amenities. We estimate at least 1,600 life-changing decisions this year, and many others were made that were not reported to Windermere staff.

In addition to the decisions that were made, innumerable seeds were sown that will lead to changed lives in the future.

One of our greatest joys was to observe the over 100 baptisms that took place in Windermere Cove and our pool, and to praise God with these believers.

We also know that many more went back to their home churches to be baptized among their family and friends.  

We have had a record number of guests stay with us this year. This year's guest nights are up 15 percent over last year's guest nights.

It is exciting to see the construction and remodeling that has been accomplished this year. The dock has been relocated and expanded further into the lake to allow 95 guests instead of the previous 40 to play in the water at one time. A volunteer lounge has been created, along with volunteer cabins. A wishing well was added at the cave, the Registration/Front Desk area was redesigned and streamlined inside and out, and work was completed on the first tier at Vespers.

Eldon First Baptist Church has worked to update the mini-golf course, and Pleasant Valley Church completed a Wilderness Creek dorm as volunteer projects. They all did a truly great job. This is so appreciated by staff and guests.

 The number of volunteer hours continues to average well over 20,000 again this year.  These hours are recorded by our volunteer coordinators, Dan Bench and Willa Toon. We are grateful for all the amazing help and time put in.

Our new leadership staff positions were filled this year by assistant sales/marketing director Amanda Evans, and business office manager Nathan Evans.

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to our ministry in 2005 and look forward to even greater opportunities to serve together in the future.

As we go into 2006 we will continue to strive to fulfill our mission: "As a dedicated Christ-like team, we will provide a Christian setting in which life changing experiences may occur for all involved." (10-19-05)