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Missouri Christian writers minister through their work

A number of Christian authors reside in Missouri. Several write non-fiction; others concentrate on sharing the gospel through fiction. Many write out of personal tragedy or experience.

This is not an exhaustive list, but you may find some great reading for the spring and summer months ahead.

Joann Bowdidge — Joann Bowdidge lost her battle with breast cancer on March 9. But she saw her work about ADHD children published a month before her death.

Co-authored with Howard Glasser, the book, titled “Trans­forming the Difficult Child Workbook: An Inter­active Guide to the Nurtured Heart Approach,” is de­signed for parents, teachers and others who work with ADHD children. (nurturinggreatness.net/howie.html)

Debra Butterfield — As one who has faced trauma, Debra Butterfield of St. Joseph wants to help others. Her book, “Help! My Husband Has Sexually Abused Our Daughter: A Devotional for Mothers of Victims,” is designed to minister. In addition to writing, she is a speaker and provides editorial services for small business. (www.debralbutterfield.com)

Judy Crawford — Judy Crawford of Auxvasse ministers to moms. Her first and recently released book is “Time Out for Tired Moms: Finally Mom, Go to Your Room!” (See related story.) Her speaking ministry centers on humor and help for moms. (www.judycrawfordspeaks.com)

Sally Edwards Danley — A prolific writer in the Kansas City area, Sally Edwards Danley is included in “A Cup of Comfort Devotionals for Mothers,” and her book, “Becoming a Glove for God’s Hand,” will be released soon. (sallyrosewrites@sbcglobal.net)

Vicky Hartzler — Just in time for an election year, Vicky Hartzler’s book, “Running God’s Way: Step by Step to a Successful Political Campaign,” was released on Jan. 1. Based in Harrisonville, she writes primarily non-fiction works on Christian living and Christians in politics. (www.runninggodsway.com)

Cheryl and Mel Hodde — Writing as Hannah Alexander, Cheryl and Mel Hodde of Pierce have written more than a dozen novels in three series. As a physician, Mel adds medical realism to the couple’s suspense novels with a touch of romance and faith. Others are historical novels. “Double Blind” was released in January, with “Hideaway Home” to be released in March. (www.hannahalexander.com)

Sally Jadlow — Sally Jadlow actually lives in Overland Park, Kan. (five miles across the state line), but her book, “The Late Sooner,” begins in Missouri. The book is based on her great grandfather’s diary of his migration from Missouri to Oklahoma as one of the first families to settle that territory. (www.sallyjadlow.com)

George Joslin — Based in Springfield, George Joslin has written a number of books, both non-fiction and fiction, that center on the Deaf. He also writes the “Exploring the Bible” Sunday School studies for LifeWay Christian Resources. His non-fiction work includes several American Sign Language textbooks, a sign language dictionary and helpful material for developing Deaf ministries in churches. He is the author of “History of the Missouri Baptist Conference of the Deaf” published by the Missouri Baptist Convention in 2004. His fiction work includes two books, “A Life After Deafness” and the recently released “A Terp on the Line,” about an interpreter. (letssign@bellsouth.net)

Brian Kaylor — Com­munications specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Missouri, Brian Kaylor of Columbia penned the book, “For God’s Sake, Shut Up: Lessons for Christians on How to Speak Effectively and When to Remain Silent,” which deals with pitfalls believers should avoid when communicating truth to others. (forgodssakeshutup.blogspot.com and www.briankaylor.com)

Mark and Jeanette Littleton — Mark and Jeanette Littleton are freelance authors based in Kansas City. In addition to writing, they are co-founders and co-directors of the Heart of America Christian Writers Network. Each has several books to his/her credit. (See related story.) Their latest co-authored release is “What’s in the Bible for Teens?” (www.hacwn.org)

Catherine Palmer — Perhaps the best-known among Missouri’s Christian authors, Catherine Palmer has a number of Christian romance and fiction titles to her credit. Her latest release, “Summer Breeze,” is the first in the Four Seasons series with co-author Gary Chapman. The series is based on Chapman’s nationally known Love Languages material. (www.catherinepalmer.com)

Rhonda Rhea — Humorist Rhonda Rhea is an author, speaker and Baptist preacher’s wife based in St. Louis. Her latest book is “High Heels in High Places — Walking Worthy in Way Cute Shoes.” She is the author of “Who Put the Cat in the Fridge?” “Turkey Soup for the Soul” and “Amusing Grace,” among others. (www.rhondarhea.org)

Valle Rischer — This Columbia-based dentist writes from the heart about the death of her daughter, Grace. She wrote “Angels on Earth,” the story of a guardian angel, to help hurting parents and as a way for parents to explain the loss of a loved one to their children. (www.tatepublishing.com)

Ermal Walden Williamson — A longtime John Wayne fan, Ermal Walden Williamson of Branson speaks about the Duke and earns his living as a Duke impersonator. He also writes Westerns.

His two latest books, “We Conquer or Die” and “The Last Bullet,” have just been released by Giant Shadow Publishing. (www.ermal.com)