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A Time to Wait: When the hero returns

Today's Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:4-9

Moriah IsringhausenWatching movies is a popular pastime in my family. At family gatherings we always spend one night watching movies. We particularly love watching action/ adventure movies.

One thing I have noticed about such movies is that the hero always leaves his leading lady at some point to save the day; however, he never leaves her with out giving her something to help and protect her. What he gives her varies but it's usually one of four things -a promise that gives her comfort or encouragement and calms her fears, a weapon or means of defense, instructions to keep her safe, or a guardian to protect her or to direct her.

God, like any good hero, leaves us with something. However, since he is the perfect hero, he actually left us all four! In 1 Corinthians 1:4-9, Paul thanks God for the spiritual gifts he had given the Corinthians. Paul points out that spiritual gifts are provisions or rations that have been given to us until Christ returns.

Spiritual gifts, along with the Bible, are the weapons or means of defense to spread the Good News and stay safe from the devil's traps. The Holy Spirit is a guardian to guide us and protect us while we are in this world. The Bible is instructions on how to live for God and expand his kingdom. Lastly, he left us with promises, such as he will never leave or forsake us or give us more than we can bear. The best promise Jesus left was that we are his children if we accept his gift of salvation, and we can look forward to eternity with him in heaven!

God has left us everything we need as we wait for his glorious return.

Moriah Isringhausen is a senior at Jefferson City High School and a former Missouri State Acteen Council member. She feels called to medical missions. 

This 2011 Advent devotion originally appeared in the November 17, 2011 issue of Word&Way.

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