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FCA Camps Strengthen Priorities for Coaches, Athletes

FCA Camp
FCA Camp

In 2018, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes had more than 88,000 campers participate in 771 camps in 43 states and 50 countries. Camps involved coaches, families, and athletes. (Photo: FCA)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A coach’s team is like a family. Often, the time spent at practices and games can be more than they spend at home. But at Coaches Camps and other events sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, those leading teams at other times of the year can focus on their own families.

Last summer, more than 88,000 coaches and athletes participated in more than 770 camps in 43 states and 50 countries. This year’s camp theme is “Let’s Go,” with the twin emphasis of a rally cry and Jesus’ Great Commission to go into all the world.

“Coaches work extremely hard all throughout the year — during competition, preparing for play and in building up their teams physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” observed FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson. “That’s why each summer, FCA is honored to focus on coaches for a time of ‘inspiration and perspiration,’ when they can truly be renewed.”

FCA camp

Camps designed for single and married coaches and their families encourage them while allowing interaction with other coaches. (Photo: FCA)

FCA Camps minister to coaches through Bible studies, small groups, fellowship, prayer support, discipleship and mentoring. Guest speakers address marriage, parenting, finances, and faith. Coaches and their spouses can also interact with others who understand the experiences and challenges, learning from one another at similar life stages.

“The life of a coach can be demanding,” Williamson added, “but when a coaching family slows down, enjoys each other’s company, strengthens their relationships, and grows in their walk with Christ at an FCA Camp, it is transformational.” The athletes and coaches that attend get away from the routine of their sport, friends, co-workers, and community, while experiencing a healthy, athletic environment.

They pursue their passion for sports while clearly seeing and hearing Christ’s own passion for them. As one participant shared, “FCA Camp not only brought me closer to my family, but also closer to Jesus Christ.”

To learn more about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and their camps, visit fca.org.