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Groans of Creation

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference will begin this coming Sunday (Nov. 6) in Egypt. The two weeks of meetings for COP27 will bring together international leaders, scientists, and others to discuss how to make progress in reducing and combatting climate change. And there will be some Christians there as part of an effort called the “Christian Climate Observers Program.” You can sign up for their daily updates about what’s happening at COP27.

(Oleksandr Sushko/Unsplash)

So, with that coming up, we are offering here for paid subscribers of A Public Witness a piece originally published as the cover story of Word&Way magazine in October 2019 but which has never been published online. In addition to making an argument for why Christians should care about climate change, it includes reports from when Brian attended COP21 in Paris, France, in 2015 — which led to the Paris Climate Accord, the most significant international climate agreement. Unfortunately, much work remains.

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