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In some electoral districts, houses of worship make up a significant number of all voting places, raising important issues about whether voting in a place of worship influences how people cast their ballots.

Amid mental health hardships during the pandemic, multiple Christian music artists have homed in on the needs of their communities to release songs that speak directly to those dealing with increased mental health trials and doubts.

People who identify as highly spiritual are more likely to say it’s important to make a difference in their communities and contribute to the greater good, a broad new study on American spirituality finds.

An interpretation of Michelangelo’s iconic pietà featuring a Black Jesus has unexpectedly caused a debate about Black Lives Matter, the sanctity of art, and the evangelization of Africa after the Pontifical Academy of Life, an official Vatican think tank, tweeted out a photo of the reimagined statue.

Giving to congregations has shifted upward after churches closed their buildings earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, a survey shows. The new State of the Plate research finds that close to two-thirds (64%) of churches across the country reported in August that giving is either up or steady.

As racial tensions have risen in recent months, a new report reveals that some White Christians are becoming less motivated to act on racial justice, and an increasing share say there is “definitely” not a race problem in the country.

A Southern Baptist chaplain says the horrors experienced by first responders on a daily basis have deep impacts on the heart, soul, & mind – a situation made even more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There can be more to work than just earning wages, and Labor Day provides an opportunity to see how through the writings of a woman who thought especially deeply about it, Simone Weil.

Every church has adjusted some aspects of ministry since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic. But some congregations are already turning from the question of how to shift from the current moment toward changes for the long-term future.

More than two dozen people joined the brightly colored flotilla for Kayak Church on Sunday (Aug. 30) as Faith UCC, like so many other churches across the country, dips its toes into meeting together in person after months apart during the novel coronavirus pandemic.