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On what would have been Anne Frank's 90th birthday, Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin shares a reminder that she was not a Jewish saint, and not a Jewish icon, and not merely a symbol, but primarily a child.

(RNS) — Like their sisters and brothers in the Southern Baptist Convention this week, Cooperative Baptists will gather in Birmingham next week and wrestle with many of the same questions that our SBC friends are. One question we won't be considering is whether God calls women to serve as pastors.

As modern demographics/research has continued to improve, we know that some zip codes have affordable food, housing, and access to various employment options. Others nearby may not have similar options.

Although God is completely holy and set apart from all creation, in the Hebrew Bible, God used multiple means to affirm God’s presence among humankind. Wind was one such means. God also used fire. In Acts 2, God used both.

What has happened to us that conversations about our cosmic home have become so divisive? What would happen if we were all curious enough to learn from science, scripture, and one another?

God seldom gives us a roadmap for the future. Instead, God instructs us to put our hand in his hand and walk into the “newness.”

(The Conversation) — In researching how the Holocaust was being depicted in textbooks, I never imagined it would lead me to serve as a witness against a history teacher who encouraged his students to question whether the Holocaust occurred.

(RNS) — Both the religious left and the religious right are more likely to follow than lead when it comes to who determines the policies of Republicans and Democrats.

Will congregations allow their pastors to be human? And will pastors themselves be real in ways that are healthy and appropriate?

(RNS) — Several states have passed restrictive abortion bills this legislative session,. Could the passage of these laws ironically lead to a kind of cooperation between the traditional pro-choice and pro-life factions?