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Jeremiah 23:1-6 holds many similarities to Game of Thrones. Jeremiah’s context is filled with kingdoms that were at odds with each other, and political and military jockeying by multiple kings who either wanted power or were afraid of losing it.

Sin winds its way into our lives so insidiously we excuse ourselves as though we are morally blinded. The Bible tells us when mankind calls sin good, we have lost our way.

(RNS) — A doctor should not perform surgery if she is tired. A pilot should not fly if he is tired. And clergy who counsel and take on the audacious task of sharing something of God should not attempt these fearsome duties when we are tired. But we do.

(RNS) — A specter has been haunting white evangelicalism. It comes in the shape of James Cone, one of the founders of black liberation theology. 

Confronted with the crass materialism of our times, people of faith often assume a superior attitude, as if the unchurched are the only ones who have their priorities all mixed up. But are we, the followers of Jesus, any less enslaved?

`In December, my best friend, Charles, passed away. I was devastated. From the outside looking in, someone might wonder how Charles and I ever became friends, especially since there’s a 57-year age difference.

(RNS) — One of the holiest days of the Christian year is right around the corner.We need more churches and we need more Christians to take the teachings of Jesus seriously and risk it all for the sake of healing the world.

It happened that Caesar Augustus ordered a census. Because of the census, it happened that Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem, which happened to be the village of their ancestry.

Your last and perhaps most meaningful gift to your family is to clearly communicate how you wish to be remembered at your funeral or memorial service. By clearly communicating your funeral plans, you ease the strain and burden on family at this stressful time.

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) -- Who wants to continue approaches that launch only 10 percent of young believers to change the world? After a half-century in youth ministry, Richard Ross calls for a desperately-needed radical reevaluation if we wish to see more enduring faith in our youth after they become adults.