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Contributing writer Greg Mamula offers the latest entry in a six-part series on the future of the church. In this fourth article, he focuses on recognizing, celebrating, and unleashing the gifts and talents of all people. In order to better understand how we might do this, he turns to one of his favorite passages of scripture: the third resurrection appearance of Jesus in John 21.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell examines how to go about learning who we truly are at our core through engaging in a few specific practices that might help bring clarity to the view from within. There may be an instinctive draw to know ourselves better, but often we do not really investigate or learn about ourselves as a spiritual practice.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy tackles the theological and rhetorical problem of dealing with speakers who will say one thing today and another tomorrow and whose words and actions are contradictory. Until we can put language and actions together as a consistent performance, we will struggle to properly understand contemporary evangelical motives.

Greg Carey asserts that democracy in the United States is in a world of hurt and Christians who treasure democracy must make crucial contributions to the healing process. This truth particularly applies to White Christians because they form the political base for the forces that aim to restrict democratic activity and social freedom.

On Sunday evening, a man opened fire in a shopping mall in Greenwood, Indiana, killing three people and wounding two others before also being shot dead. What city officials said in response sparked some odd headlines.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that the church has failed to properly denounce greed. Mammon is our national god and greed is our national liturgy. Advertisers have become our American clergy and excessive capitalism has made us more capitalist and less Christian.

Juliet Vedral explores the new Amazon Prime film Don’t Make Me Go starring John Cho and Mia Isaac. The movie is both a feel-good father/daughter road trip film and a poignant tale about the fragility and impermanence of life that resonates with Christian scripture.

Lauren Graeber reflects on how certain Christian teachings on sexuality have impacted her life and what it might mean for how she parents her children, especially now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. She hopes to offer her daughter something more just and independent so she can know that she, fully alive, is God’s delight.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell contemplates the seemingly insurmountable task that looms over the Southern Baptist denomination regarding what to do about the recent release of an internal database of abusers. Each of the recommended steps to remedy this problem seems so minor, so insignificant — are they even worthwhile?

Darron LaMonte Edwards offers up some thoughts to consider this Independence Day weekend. The United States is currently divided by political party, white supremacy, and economic depravity. We are a nation in conflict and everybody is on edge. So what can we learn from a king named Asa?