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The ongoing protest of the election is not about a search for truth; it is an attempt to shape truth to suit the desires of the powerful. President Trump wasn’t making a legal or a factual argument. He was using his power to put a thumb on the scales.

Nolan Porter offers a pastoral response to the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He urges Christians not bow to the lord of chaos and mob rule, but instead lead the way in moving above and beyond the partisanship and vitriol that has marked so much of our culture.

If there was one thing of value to come out of the shameful chaos of Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, it’s that the horrific events made plain the powerful ideological and theological currents of American politics that often stay just under the surface.

After White Supremacists stormed the U.S. Capitol, waving both Confederate and Christian flags during their insurrection, the nation needs Christian leaders who can bring healing, truth-telling, and justice. Al Mohler is not such a leader for this moment. He needs to step aside.

Editor Brian Kaylor reflects on how many White evangelicals moved in less than five years from condemning Donald Trump as a dangerous man to backing Trump’s assault on American democracy.

As the calendar flips to 2021, gyms and weight-loss programs are bombarding us with some version of, “New Year, new you” campaigns. And nobody needs more honest reflection and a “New Year, new you” campaign more than the church after its response to 2020.

C.S. Lewis’s often overlooked final chapter of the Chronicles of Narnia still speaks to us today. The end of the world begins with a con. A little lie, told by a petty grifter, leads to another lie, and then another, and finally to the unraveling of the ties that bind us together.

History teaches that messianic hopes lead to poor outcomes for the societies that embrace them. Yet, they continue to surface — even today, with the elevation of Donald Trump by some to messiah-like status.

The coronavirus restrictions placed on houses of worship by the state of New York — which the Supreme Court blocked in a recent 5-4 decision — is back under consideration. Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to record gruesome new highs. How should Christians react?

Advent and Christmas remind us God can still surprise us, surprise us with mystery, and surprise us with love. Advent and Christmas are an invitation into the surprise mystery that is God.