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Dr. Gregory Shay, a pediatric pulmonologist, deliberates on anecdotes of sickness and tragedy through a faith-based lens, arguing that it is inherently Christian to show solidarity with vulnerable populations — especially children.

David Rice examines faith healing through the lens of both denominational differences between Baptists and the Assemblies of God as well as his personal struggles living with a disability.

Contributing writer Greg Mamula offers the latest entry in a six-part series on the future of the church. In this fifth article, he focuses on how we should invite people from isolation to inclusion.

Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould of Faith in Action makes the case that while divisions exist everywhere, the multi-faith interconnectedness and commitment to working together for justice and equity she sees in Ghana is a model we can and must adopt here in the U.S.

Multigenerational Texan and seminarian Christopher Symms details the religious aspects of the political fight in his state over what Governor Greg Abbott calls the “woke agendas in schools."

Nabil Costa details a ludicrous conflict that surfaced when the caretaker Prime Minister, in a surge of “altruistic” enthusiasm to ease Ramadan’s rituals on the fasting populace, decided to postpone daylight saving time.

Darron LaMonte Edwards argues that Christians should be opposed to harmful conversion therapy, which is more concerned with changing who a teen is sexually attracted to than with modeling how to live faithfully.

Angela Denker writes about not wanting to waste the time she has on this earth and the strong desire to engage in important work. The ironic part, though, is that real meaning often comes in the minutia.

Wendell Griffen connects attacks on public schools in Arkansas, Florida, and other states to similar efforts in the past and argues that the current situation demands we unite against an effort to replace democracy with authoritarianism and fascism.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy challenges the presumptions of anyone claiming they hate what God hates. Such a statement, he argues, is a product of bad religion.