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Several years ago, I began learning about the Enneagram, which is—depending on your perspective—either the latest passing fad in personality tests or a vital tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

(RNS) — The recent re-discovery of a Bible once owned by Abraham Lincoln has renewed a longstanding debate about Lincoln’s faith and what role it played in his life and presidency. It has also reminded us how maddeningly untraditional and surprisingly modern his faith was.

Many have criticized a “thoughts and prayers” response as being an empty gesture. Though offering our thoughts and prayers isn’t enough to solve the problem of gun violence, it can’t hurt, right? Actually, it can.

(R­NS) — Looking at the data from the 2018 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, if someone labels themself personally as at the edge of the political spectrum, are they more likely to place the opposing party in an extreme political position?

There is much talk — in this and other Christian/faith publications — about righting past wrongs. Should reparations be made to African-Americans based on the past wrongs of slavery? The answer is no, for a variety of reasons.

According to recent estimates, African Americans comprise as few as 1 percent of international missionaries. Similar stats about the rarity of missionaries from other demographics are easy to find as well. For the glory of God and the sake of the nations, we need to send more missionaries of color to the world.

(RNS) — In August 1619, “20, odd Negroes” in chains arrived aboard the English ship "The White Lion" in Point Comfort, Virginia, As we approach the 400th anniversary of that fateful day, Americans, our political and religious leaders are charged by the sacred text to complete the arc begun by the slave masters, redirected by the slaves themselves and crystalized by King.

It is ironic, that Christians who denounce the prosperity gospel have in recent years touted its sexier, if subtler, form: the sexual prosperity gospel.

(RNS) — Despite our digital connectedness, Americans are lonelier than they have ever been in recent memory. Three of four report wrestling with loneliness, and one of the loneliest times in our lives is when we enter young adulthood.

Some time ago I answered a knock on our door and looked straight into the face of a friend. He said, “I was just passing by and thought I would stop and see you.” It turned out he was there on purpose, not “just passing by.”