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Columnist Ken Satterfield offers lessons from a surprise moment on Super Bowl Sunday as Stephen Colbert produced a big ad for a struggling local bookstore in North Carolina. What can churches and others learn from this moment?

Columnist Greg Mamula writes that the online church experience can make pastors, leaders, and volunteers feel like a content factory. But the good news is your local church is not designed to be a vending machine producing endless streams of creative content for religious consumers.

Russell Jackson writes an open letter to the faulty at Southwest Baptist University, offering specific steps they could take amid controversies involving trustee changes, terminated professors, an accreditation inquiry, and more.

Civil Rights icon Amos C. Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church in San Francisco where Vice President Kamala Harris is a member, writes in response to White Southern Baptist pastors calling Harris a “Jezebel.”

Joshua Sharp worries that the decision by Southwest Baptist University trustees to deny tenure and effectively fire Dr. Debbie Walker will undo much of her work as one of the strongest allies for victims of sexual violence on campus at SBU.

The end of life for Flash Player came at the end of 2020. Other than uninstalling the software, what steps do you need to take? Columnist Ken Satterfield offers some advice.

Early one morning a few weeks ago, I lay in bed wrestling with God. How could God let this happen? What about all my plans? Didn’t God care? I expect more lover’s quarrels with my God. But I’m not expecting simple answers.

Columnist Heather Feeler writes that instead of unrealistic annual goals, she is working on being more intentional in the months to come. She explains some of the ways she is working on finding warmth and light this winter season.

Palestinian Christian journalist Daoud Kuttab writes about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and what it reveals about the impact of Christian fundamentalism in the U.S. and Israel.

Nolan Porter offers a pastoral response to the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He urges Christians not bow to the lord of chaos and mob rule, but instead lead the way in moving above and beyond the partisanship and vitriol that has marked so much of our culture.