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Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy offers a unique rhetorical critique of how Trump acts and the danger this puts in the lap of his evangelical followers.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy explores the various meanings behind Trump’s recent endorsement of Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA Bible.’

On April 2, Oklahoma’s Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that could allow a Catholic charter school to open — which critics say would demolish the line between church and state in education.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell explores what our role is as Christians when it comes to public schools.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy pens a love letter to Tim Alberta's "The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism" for its masterful understanding of the Trump alliance.

Liberation theologians Allan Boesak and Wendell Griffen make the case that people who care about love, justice, and peace should be disgusted by U.S. complicity in the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

Kansas City pastor Darron Edwards shares his thoughts on the mass shooting at the Super Bowl victory rally and suggests possible paths forward.

Contributing writer Rodney Kennedy argues that the acceptance of Trump's consistent lies as a legitimate political strategy has become an addictive drug for our culture and is starting to impact our children.

Lutheran theologian Duane Larson writes that with bad faith, an incorrect interpretation of history, and just plain wrong theo-logic, MAGA-sympathetic theologians are arguing to undo the U.S. Constitution.

Contributing writer Sarah Blackwell explores 'hidden' stories that stood right next to the biblical scriptures as having a valuable word to say about who we are as a people of faith.