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CBF-MO messengers okay $276,760 ministry budget

Jefferson City — Messengers to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Missouri general assembly at First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, approved a $276,760 ministry 2005-2006 budget during a breakfast business meeting on April 23.

The budget is broken down into the following areas: Christians in community, $600; 21st Century leadership, $8,750; strategic partnerships, $9,300; Global Missions, $15,900; communications, $28,500; development, $7,000; assemblies, $5,500; ministry teams, $1,000; personnel and volunteers, $148,910; and administration, $51,300.

In addition, the organization anticipates receipts through its Show Me Missions Offering ($40,000 goal) and through its Cooperative Plan (estimated gifts of $255,747), which will be shared with various Baptist institutions in Missouri and with CBF Global Missions.

The organization also anticipates that Missouri churches will give $281,562 directly to the national CBF and $112,000 to its Offering for Global Missions in 2005.

An offering was taken during the general assembly to raise $5,000 to help a group from Hamilton that will assist a church in Bridger, S.D., by providing water, plumbing and sewer service. The project also will help improve housing for work groups going to South Dakota as part of national CBF's Partners in Hope emphasis.

The offering also was intended to raise $2,000 to help a group from Columbia improve an Hispanic church facility along the Rio Grande border in cooperation with Buckner Border Ministries. The partnership also will host a block party to create neighborhood awareness of the church's ministry. (05-05-05)