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‘Word&Way’ continues award-winning ministry

Word&Way focuses on the number 10 this year — celebrating the news journal's 110th year of ministry to Baptists in Missouri and Bill Webb's 10th year as its editor.

Born in 1896 because founder Sanford M. Brown felt that certain theological and denominational views were inadequately represented, Word&Way today works hard to be a news journal for all Baptists in Missouri.

Word&Way continues to offer as many features and other helpful material as possible. Special sections each month on aspects of church life — from building design to leadership to technology — are designed to assist congregations in ministry.

For several years, individuals and churches have tapped the wisdom found in Bible study lessons. Many adults stretch their minds with the crossword puzzle, and children delight in a page just for them.

Word&Way also continues to provide special-emphasis pages and columns, including family, 55-plus adults, music, the Internet and finance, to minister in as many means as possible.

Readers get access to national and international news that affects them and their churches. They also can experience missions around the world through Word&Way's pages.

They learn what other congregations are doing and get a chance to see themselves from time to time in the Missouri Magazine section. They have the opportunity to sound off through Letters to the Editor.

Some churches take advantage of one of Word&Way's best services — a personalized back page newsletter. The service saves congregations and other groups a lot of time, money and some of the headache involved in newsletter preparation.

The news journal also teams with The Baptist Home and the Baptist General Convention of Missouri for special newsletter pages to provide information to their constituents and others.

Word&Way remains committed to journalistic integrity and to its mission "to provide Baptists with accurate, timely, relevant information with balanced reporting."

That commitment to excellence has led to the news journal's award-winning reputation. This year, Word&Way earned Baptist Communicators Association awards in newspaper design and interpretive reporting and Associated Church Press awards in advertising and biblical interpretation.

The reputation the news journal has built of reliability and trustworthiness continues to attract readers and friends who help Word&Way remain as an indispensable ministry for all Baptists in Missouri.

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