Word&Way's Most-Read Pieces of 2017 - Word&Way

Word&Way’s Most-Read Pieces of 2017

Here are the ten most read pieces on the Word&Way website in 2017. Thanks for stopping by and continue to visit in 2018!

10. Mo. Baptists Lead Summit in Ukraine by Brian Kaylor 

 9. Home, University Respond in Convention Legal Battle by Brian Kaylor 

 8. Sing a Song of Lament by Brian Kaylor

 7. Church as a Place for Lament by Brian Kaylor

 6. Did a Solar Eclipse Darken the Skies During Jesus’ Crucifixion? by Emily McFarlan Miller

 5. Q&A Interview with Holly Hollman on the Trinity Luthern Case by Brian Kaylor

 4. When I Am Afraid by Wade Paris

 3. Russian Baptists Facing Legal Challenges from Anti-Evangelism Law by Brian Kaylor

 2. Is Valentine’s Day Christian? by Wade Paris


… drum roll …


 1. Supreme Court to Hear Church-State Case from Missouri by Brian Kaylor

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