Word&Way's Most Read Pieces of 2018 - Word&Way

Word&Way’s Most Read Pieces of 2018

Here are the ten most read pieces on the Word&Way website in 2018. Thanks for stopping by and continue to visit in 2019!

10. Leaders Recall Influential Books (Other Than the Bible) (Jun. 6)

9. Create a Bucket List of Kindness by Ken Satterfield (Jan. 2)

8. Missouri Missionaries Randy and Kathy Arnett Die from Injuries Sustained in Africa Accident (Mar. 19)

7. Views from the Front Row: Joys, Challenges of Ministry as a Shared Vocation by Carrie Brown McWhorter (May 9)

6. Illuminating Fundamentalism by Brian Kaylor (Feb. 14)

5. ABCUSA Expresses Opposition to Current U.S. Immigration Policy (Jun. 15)

4. Mo. Boy’s ‘Miraculous’ Survival Prompts Gospel Witness (Sept. 25)

3. Sex Scandals Fester at Unhealty Organizations, Experts Say (Aug. 21)

2. Diehard Bama Fan in ‘Dilemma’ as Ga. QB’s Pastor (Jan. 8)

… drumroll …

1. SBU Prof Fired, Documents Reveal Plot to Remove Other Profs by Brian Kaylor (Dec. 21)

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