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Word&Way’s Most-Read Pieces of 2020

This has been a year of big news. A global pandemic. Protests against racial injustices. Impeachment of a president. A contentious election. Theological disputes at Baptist schools. Virtual church services. Court fights over religious liberty issues. Deadly natural disasters. A massive blast in Beirut. And much more.

And through it all, Word&Way has brought you news and opinion to help you make sense of it. We provide real news that leads you back to the Good News. (You can support our work by giving today.)


Here are the 10 most read-pieces on Word&Way’s website in 2020:

10. Jesus 2020 by Brian Kaylor (Aug. 19)

9. Baptist Pastor Contracts COVID-19, Church Attacks Media by Brian Kaylor (Mar. 21)

8. Whether You Wear Mask During Pandemic Unmasks Your Theology by Mitch Randall/GFM (May 15)

7. Baptist Calvinists Defend Slavery of SBTS’s Founders by Brian Kaylor (Aug. 31)

6. SBU Adds 3 Creedal Statements for Religion Professors by Brian Kaylor (Sept. 9)

5. SBC Seminary Presidents Denounce Critical Race Theory by Brian Kaylor (Dec. 1)

4. SBU Cuts Philosophy Program & Professor by Brian Kaylor (Oct 9)

3. Trump Ad Shows Biden Kneeling in Black Church to Argue Americans ‘Won’t Be Safe’ by Jack Jenkins/RNS (Sept. 11)

2. Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain (Amid Tear Gas) by Brian Kaylor (June 3)


… drumroll …


1. Historian Says 1918 Pandemic Shows Churches Can Survive Shutdowns by Brian Kaylor (April 20)


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