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Word&Way’s Top Columns of 2021

We previously listed the top 10 most-read pieces on our website in 2021. They turned out to be our vaccine statement and nine news articles. But we also published numerous good opinion pieces that people engaged with this year. So, here are the columns people most read on our site this year.

Here are the 10 most-read columns on Word&Way’s website in 2021:

10. A Deadly Evangelical Variant? by Brian Kaylor (July 9)

9. The Leaven of J.D. Greear by Brian Kaylor (Feb. 24)

8. A Pastoral Response to Wednesday by Nolan Porter (Jan. 8)

7. Real Friends Don’t Take Over Your House by Donald R. Jump (March 25)

6. A Zacchaeus Moment for Southwest Baptist by Brian Kaylor (Sept. 2)

5. The Hyperbole Hounds Howling at the Moon by Rodney Kennedy (Nov. 15)

4. For the Director of Music (at First Baptist in Dallas) by Brian Kaylor (Dec 17)

3. Franklin Graham & the Sons of Samuel by Brian Kaylor (Jan. 8)

2. An Open Letter to SBU Faculty by Russell Jackson (Feb. 10)




1. Time for Al Mohler to Resign by Brian Kaylor (Jan. 7)


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