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Word&Way’s Most-Read News Articles of 2022

In our 126th year, we’ve covered a lot of issues from trends in church life to politics to academic governance fights and much more. And we’ll be on top of these issues in the year to come. Here are the 10 most-read news articles on Word&Way’s website in 2022:

10. Mo. Convention Helps Churches Defund SBC Entities by Brian Kaylor (April 22).

9. Mo. Baptist Convention Hit with Lien for Unpaid Construction Bills by Brian Kaylor (March 18).

8. In Two Years, this Mainline Denomination has Paid Off $100 Million in Medical Debt by Emily McFarlan Miller (Feb. 17).

7. Religious Leaders Protest Michael Flynn’s Christian Nationalism by Jeremy Fuzy (Aug. 12).

6. SBU Partners with Formerly-Oppositional Church for Controversial Conference by Brian Kaylor (Feb. 18).

5. HLGU Holds Time of ‘Repentance’ Amid Conflicting Reports by Brian Kaylor (March 10).

4. Preacher at CBF Assembly Blasts ‘Slave Bible Hermeneutic’ that Opposes Social Justice by Brian Kaylor (June 29).

3. HLGU Holds ‘Solemn Assembly’ Amid ‘Dire Financial Situation’ by Brian Kaylor (March 11).

2. HLGU’s Accreditation Placed on Two-Year Probation by Brian Kaylor (Nov. 28).




1. Christian Leaders Denounce ReAwaken America Tour by Jeremy Fuzy (April 8).


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