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Word&Way’s Top Columns of 2022

We previously listed the top 10 most-read news articles on our website in 2022. But we also published numerous good opinion pieces that people engaged with this year. So here are the 10 most-read columns people on our site this year:


10. The Sins of the Collective SBC by Christopher Dixon (June 1).

9. Why My Congregation Removed Flags from Our Church’s Sanctuary by Rebecca Littlejohn (Sept. 12).

8. We Pray for Peace, Can We Pray for War? by John Sianghio (Feb. 25).

7. Rethinking Christian Sex in a Post-Roe World by Lauren Graeber (July 11).

6. Robert Jeffress’s ‘Reversal’ on Christian Nationalism by Rodney Kennedy (Nov. 2).

5. Why the False Prophets of Christian Nationalism Don’t Speak for Me by Nathan Empsall (Nov. 3).

4. Review: The Messiah Confrontation by Robert D. Cornwall (Nov. 1).

3. Al Mohler Fumbles by Brian Kaylor (April 29).

2. DeSantis Preaches Dangerous Armor of God by Brian Kaylor (Sept. 8).




1. The Parents (Who Used to Come to Your Church) Are Not Okay by Lauren Graeber (Feb. 22).


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