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(RNS) — As fire devastates the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, the building is as much a symbol of the recent history of the Catholic Church in Europe as it once was a symbol of the Church’s power and cultural supremacy.

Every day, people enter and exit my life. But do I see them? The question haunts me. How do I break the habit of rendering others invisible?

What if, as citizens of both an eternal and temporal kingdom, it is our responsibility to pay taxes as a means of loving our neighbors?

The Québec government is proposing a secularism law to prohibit any new public servants in a position of authority — including teachers, lawyers and police officers — from wearing religious symbols while at work.

(RNS) — Americans are living less like a Billy Graham nation, and increasingly like a nation defined by the more secular religion of Norman Vincent Peale -- though few Americans today may even know this name.

There is nothing like being a pastor or being a church leader in a congregation that works well. However, some within a congregation can believe pastors, staff, church leadership and other church members are opponents who somehow work against them.

(RNS) — Within the last two months, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued two important religious liberty decisions with strikingly similar facts and diametrically opposed outcomes.

While the topic of VBS may seem like old/tired news to some, the reality is that for many churches it may the proverbial church rock star that we take for granted, right in front of us.

Christians want our first loyalty to be to Jesus, not a particular institution or tradition.  But does anyone follow Jesus in some pure, individual way, free of institutional ties or a larger and longer tradition?

The sense of consumer ownership found in fan fiction has, in turn, influenced millennials' “mix and match” approach to spirituality more broadly.