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James K.A. Smith argues that White evangelicals’ view of racism is hampered by an aspect of evangelical spirituality he calls evangelicalism’s rationalism. He adds that this focus prevents White evangelicals from fully addressing the sin of racism.

Christian author and activist Shane Claiborne critiques the resumption of federal executions in July as three people were killed after 17 years without a single federal execution.

I normally like to see "Follower of Jesus" on someone's Twitter profile. Lately, however, I'm reluctant to scroll down for fear that this same follower has cussed out a politician on the social media platform or tweeted nasty things at a person they disagree with.

As the country is once again facing a reckoning on racial justice, perhaps the biggest obstacle to White Christians’ full participation in the movement for racial equality is an unshakable commitment to our own innocence.

Despite the terrible impact of COVID-19 on us, in what ways could the coronavirus change work, families and church for the better? Where are the opportunities and graces?

With politics, relationships between family members, friends, and strangers will become more contentious, strained, and precarious. In this political season, is there Christian wisdom available for the survival of interpersonal relationships?

In a single day, we saw the death of two giants. Today, all of us who follow Jesus should offer prayers of gratitude for the Rev. C.T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis and their extraordinary lives of faith.

In exciting news this week, the football team in Washington whose name has been a racial slur for decades is finally in the process of changing its name and logo. But this victory won’t amount to much if Americans don’t understand why racist mascots and team names are a problem.

Three questions hang over the last scenes of "Hamilton," the musical: "Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story?"

What would it look like to take on the mantle of anti-racism in today’s age? For one, we must challenge the racist ideas and racist policies that we have normalized and rendered invisible.