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2005 reports: Missouri Baptist Foundation: A ministry operation

We are reminded with the recent stories from the Hurricane Katrina disaster that the spiritual and physical need of people everywhere is our priority.

The Missouri Baptist Foundation is compelled to fulfill our mission along with the responsibility commissioned by Christ to bring His love and salvation to young and old alike around our globe.  

Missouri Baptists have been given much and they know that much is required. The following report reflects the highlights of Foundation work.  

”¢ Total assets under management at the end of June 2005 were $144.2 million.  

Ӣ Last year, distributions to ministry reached a record $7.4 million. We are on track this year to equal or exceed that record.

Ӣ In June, the Missouri Baptist Foundation achieved $100 million in distributions to causes since our beginning in 1946.

A new investment fund was established. The Diversified Fund offers an outstanding and competitive option for long term investments with some defense mechanisms in the portfolio. The client response to this fund has exceeded our expectations.

Fund management services to churches and associations continue to grow. The Foundation manages building, scholarship and other funds belonging to churches and associations, providing socially screened investments with returns typically better than churches normally earn on their own through C/D investments.  

Consulting services to churches planning and conducting capital fundraising campaigns is offered in the FOUNDATIONS program. For information about FOUNDATIONS, call Jim Rich at 800-776-0747, ext 553.

Gift annuities continue to be a very popular gifting technique used by many donors.  Gift Annuity agreements between donors and a qualified charitable organization provide for lifetime payments that may be partially tax free, management of assets, favorable treatment of capital gains and also may provide income, gift and estate tax savings.

Gift annuity illustrations can be requested at  www.mbfn.org/foundation/estateplan ning/churches/giftannuform.html.

This year's Fellowship of Christian Stewardship Award recipients demonstrate giving generously of their life and resources to the Kingdom of Christ:

Ӣ Nelson Fellow: Brooks Nicklas

Ӣ Academy of Charitable Giving: Russell Holt

Ӣ Academy of Estate Stewardship: Thomas W. Sneed

Ӣ Academy of Vocational Achievement: Thomas S. Field

Ӣ Academy of Ministry Achievement: Dan and Sandra Bench

Ӣ Academy of Junior Achievement: Cambridge and Chandler Cates, Eric Farmer and Sabrina Moceri

Visit our Web site at www.mbfn.org. (10-19-05)