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The BGAV annual meeting in brief

No more election day conflicts. A motion was adopted by the BGAV messengers ensuring that future meetings of the state association not coincide with local, state or federal election days. This year’s meeting opened on Nov. 8, the same day elections were scheduled in most of the country. That prompted concern from Joseph Giles, pastor of James Square Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Va., who introduced the motion. No conflict will occur next year — the 2012 annual meeting is Nov. 13-14 in Roanoke, Va., while election day is Nov. 6.

Amendments pass. A series of constitutional and bylaw amendments were approved by the BGAV, though the recommedation was amended itself. One change, which replaced “Baptist churches of Virginia” with “General Association churches,” was challenged by messenger Randy McCollum of First Baptist Church in Newport News, Va., who moved that the words be restored. Parliamentarian Dick Bidwell said the rationale was not to diminish the BGAV’s Baptist identity but only to avoid repetitive phrases. Messengers, however, approved McCollum’s amendment. Another messenger, Frank Gribble of Fieldale (Va.) Baptist Church, objected to the elimination of a requirement that at-large members on the Virginia Baptist Mission Board must come from 12 different district association. The recommended change requires that those members come from 12 different churches. Gribble asked for the five constitution and bylaw changes be considered separately to allow opposing votes on that one amendment. Messengers turned back his request and adopted all five changes as a whole. For a complete list of constitutional and bylaw changes, click on www.

Other action. Only two resolutions were adopted by the BGAV — a recognition of Diane Smith, who is retiring after 28 years as children’s ministry consultant for the Virginia Baptist Mission Board, and a traditional expression of appreciation for the host city and organizers of the meeting. Messengers also approved BGAV meeting dates for 2012 and 2013; authorized several observances and offerings; and elected about 100 persons to serve on BGAV committees and as nominees to the governing boards of BGAV partner agencies.