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Word&Way Coronavirus Coverage

No other news outlet has provided more coverage on how different types of Baptists around the world are dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic. In fact, you’ll find reports from more than 25 countries and multiple U.S. denominations. Word&Way is devoted to telling stories about Baptists that cross the denominational, ethnic, national, and ideological lines that too often divide us. Below you can find links to Word&Way’s coverage of Baptists and coronavirus.

In a time when we need facts and information, Word&Way delivers. We don’t just provide opinion — though we do that, too. We help you learn from different types of Baptists around the world. If you appreciate this coverage, please support our award-winning journalism today.


Word&Way News Reports

Cameroon, Germany: Baptists in Cameroon, Germany Hit by Coronavirus Tragedies (June 2)

United States: Musician Ken Medema Urges Work for Shalom Amid Coronavirus (May 26)

Belarus: Belarusian Baptists Hit by Coronavirus (May 22)

United States: Virtual Commencements Bring Pomp for Unusual Circumstances (May 21)

United States: Campolo Urges Christians to Not Weep as Babylon Falls (May 19)

United States: More Churches Reopening as Some Close Again Amid New Outbreaks (May 18)

Estonia: Estonian Baptists Hopeful as Coronavirus Restrictions Ease (May 15)

United States: First Mo. Coronavirus Church Lawsuit Dismissed (May 13)

Brazil: Brazilian Baptist Leader Recovers from COVID-19 as Nation Worsens (May 12)

United States: Baptist Church-State Expert Says Government Can Restrict Church Services (May 11)

United States: Mo. Baptist Church Sues County over Coronavirus Restrictions (May 10)

United States: Christian Legal Groups Falsely Attacks Black Baptist Mayor as “Nazi-Like” (May 7)

United States: How Can We Sing Again in a Strange Place? (May 7)

Argentina: New BWA Leader Sees Kairos Moment with Coronavirus (May 6)

United States: Mo. Rabbis Offer Religious Exemption to In-Person Voting (May 6)

Sweden: Swedish Baptists Minister in New Ways Amid Coronavirus (May 5)

United States: Mo. Gov. Pushes Prayer, Quizzed on Preferential Treatment (May 4)

United States: Catholics Sue St. Louis County to Block Coronavirus Church Restriction (April 30)

United States: Many Churches Hesitant to Follow State Reopening Calls (April 28)

United States: Black Baptists Say Coronavirus Exposes Preexisting Inequalities (April 23)

Global: BWA to Lead Global Pentecost Worship (April 21)

United States: Historian Says 1918 Pandemic Shows Churches Can Survive Shutdowns (April 20)

Venezuela: Venezuelan Baptists Minister in New Crisis of Coronavirus (April 16)

Denmark & United States: Baptist Preacher’s Kid Remade WHO for Social Justice (April 15)

South Sudan & Uganda: Coronavirus Another Danger on Horizon for African Refugees (April 14)

United States: Drive-In Churches Spark New Church-State Conflicts (April 13)

United States: Easter Services Caught in Kansas Political Fight (April 10)

United States: Churches Find Communion with Online Lord’s Supper (April 9)

Cuba: Cuban Baptist Pastor Ministered While Stranded by Coronavirus (April 8)

United States: Pastors Adapt Grief Ministry Amid Social Distancing (April 6)

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Coronavirus Lockdown Highlights Existing Global Inequities (April 3)

United States: States Debate Coronavirus Exemptions for Churches as Worship Services Spark Outbreaks (April 2)

India: Indian Baptists Minister Amid Coronavirus, Lockdown (April 1)

United States: Church Selects Pastor Virtually Amid Coronavirus (March 31)

Palestine & Jordan: Coronavirus Adds to Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza (March 30)

United States: Baptist Pastors Among U.S. COVID-19 Dead (March 29)

United States: Church-State Questions Emerge from Coronavirus Orders (March 26)

South Africa: BWA President Expresses Concerns, Prayers Amid Coronavirus (March 25)

United States: Baptists Urge Action for Vulnerable Persons Amid Coronavirus (March 24)

Croatia: Amid Coronavirus, Croatia Hit by Earthquake (March 23)

United States: Baptist Pastor Contracts COVID-19, Church Attacks Media (March 21)

Denmark & Norway: Baptists in Denmark, Norway Adapt to Coronavirus Restrictions (March 20)

United States: Baptists Condemn Racist Rhetoric on Coronavirus (March 19)

Lebanon: Baptists in Lebanon See Additional Challenges from Coronavirus (March 18)

United States: Some U.S. Churches Downplayed Coronavirus but Change Course (March 17)

Germany & Poland: German, Polish Baptists Confronting Coronavirus (March 16)

United States: U.S. Churches Cancel Services Amid Coronavirus (March 13)

Italy: Italian Baptists Worship in Lockdown Amid Coronavirus (March 12)

Hong Kong & Japan: Amid Coronavirus, Baptists in Asia Urge Precautions, Ministry (March 11)

United States: U.S. Baptists Monitor Coronavirus, Urge Against Mission Trips (March 10)

Palestine & Israel: Baptists in Bethlehem Impacted by Coronavirus (March 9)


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Beauty Will Save Us by Doyle Sager (Mayer 13)

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What is this Time Doing to You? by Greg Mamula (May 4)

Don’t Let Governor Jephthah Sacrifice Innocent Lives by Brian Kaylor (April 29)

Overcoming Fear in a Kayak by Heather Feeler (April 22)

Living in Post-Easter Pain by Brian Kaylor (April 15)

God is in Control by Christopher Dixon (April 13)

Trust in the Lord by Wade Paris (April 11)

Faith as a Plague Passes Over by Brian Kaylor (April 8)

Church-State Separation & the CARES Act by W.B. Tichenor (April 7)

Drive-By Pastoral Prayer Time by Patrick Wilson (April 3)

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Jubilee in a Time of Pandemic by Brian Kaylor (March 18)

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